Ahead of 2007 Olive Harvest

Yesh Din's demands from the security forces

Saturday, February 10, 2007
Ahead of 2007 Olive Harvest

Based on its monitoring of law enforcement authorities' handling of violence by Israeli civilians against Palestinians during the olive harvest season of 2006, Yesh Din published a brief position paper outlining the failures ahead of the 2007 olive harvest season.

Yesh Din's monitoring revealed a series of failures on this matter. For example, in all of the incidents documented by Yesh Din in which Israeli civilians used violence against Palestinian harvesters, IDF soldiers stood by and did not interfere to stop the assault or arrest the assailants. This conduct, part of a larger pattern of lax enforcement, leads to the failure to carry out arrests and searches in 'real time.' In addition, Yesh Din observed total failure to conclude criminal investigations after the event: not even one indictment was filed as a result of the investigations opened following attacks by Israeli civilians on harvesters in the 2006 harvest season.

The position paper includes demands and recommendations on a number of issues under the responsibility of the IDF OC Central Command and the SJ District Police.

The position paper
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